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Everyone has a medical records that starts at birth and ends at dead. Do you really know what's in your medical history? Can you access your records everywhere? Do you have the ability to present your medical information to your doctor so they are aware of your past and present treatments, or even your test results? What about viewing your billing information? eHealth Medical Systems LLC locates your entire medical records and compile them is one encrypted, safe, and secure place. We are here to help you and your family.


Our eHealth MS is designed for healthcare providers, but give the patients the ability to view their medical information. eHealth MS includes your medical history, notes, and other information including symptoms, diagnoses, medications, lab results, vital signs, immunizations, billing and reports from diagnostic tests such as x-rays etc. eHealth MS can be shared with other organizations involved in your care. Our computer system (eHealth MS) is set up to talk to other systems. The information in these records should only be shared for purposes authorized by law.

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The iCard by eHealth Medical Systems is designed to make life easier by presenting the iCard to your caregiver authorizing them to access your medical information. The iCard can be used at hospitals, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, and clinics, etc. It doesn't matter if health providers are clients, they can obtain access to your medical records with your permission. We have designed a patient portal so you can add and view any medical information that's vital to your health.  Call today for a free consultation.


eHealth Medical Systems LLC is an independently own medical records and a medical response company which focuses on advanced methods to improve medical proficiencies and experiences for patients as well as health providers. eHealth Medical Systems serves all health providers including: Patients, small and large private practices, hospitals and clinics, insurance companies, health centers, pharmacies, dentist etc., We are bridging the gap between Health Providers and Patients.

Pick up the phone and call us for your free consultation today.  This is your health information. It's your right to have access to your medical records. Help your Health Provider give you the best possible treatments by knowing your health history. We are bridging the gap between Patients and Health Providers.