" I did not know what to do, I was drowning. I know my love one was on pain killers, but could not keep track of the medication or different drug stores. eHealth Medical Systems LLC saved me. They helped by working with us to create and manage our health records and all of our prescription drugs that we consum. By using their system, we could get proper help.  I think without them, I wouldn't have known where to turn." Bob M.


"EHealth Medical Systems LLC helped compiled all of my family medical history. I'm a Vet, so we travel often. I find it convenient using eHealthMS or their iCard that has the capability to travel with my family.  They took time to ensure all of our medical records, test results, imaging (x-ray) etc. are gathered and incorporated into their system. eHealth MS saves time and a ton of emotional stress." Susan G.



         EHms Clinic


Established in 2013, eHealth Medical Systems LLC is an independent electronic health record company (EHR) working on behalf of healthcare providers and patients. Since its inception, our goal is to provide the most integrated approach to records management enabling patients access to their health history through an encrypted, safe, and secure cloud with a security center that monitors all activities. To us, nothing is more important than having access to your health history and your well-being.

The iCard by eHealth Medical Systems link the patients, pharmacists, physicians, clinics, dentist, optometrist, and hospitals as well as all other health provider together in one secure encrypted and safe way. For the first time, you can correspondence with your physicians in real time. You can rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart.

Let us answer your questions and help you get your medical history in order. Contact our office today and set up a free consultation.